The fruit for Radio Boca is loud and dominating…one could say the personality of this Spanish wine is similar to Spanish people themselves- LOUD, EXPRESSIVE and always ready for a GOOD TIME.
This readiness for a good time is not limited to the wine itself but also communicated down to the last detail of the packaging. Radio Boca – a true ROCK STAR in the wine world, just waiting to be discovered.

MESA We want you to think for a minute about the things that reflect YOUR STYLE. Your music. Your shoes. The color you painted your bedroom. WHAT’S ON YOUR TABLE reflects your style as well. It’s about what tastes good to YOU. What’s in your glass? WHY?

BOCA Radio Boca takes advantage of quality fruit throughout Spain. The result, SPANISH FIRECRAKERS of wine where the fruit will always detonate and set off explosions in your BOCA. There is a sense of gratification with every new glass poured..It is a wine that can be enjoyed served up in a posh wine bar, offered to the enlightened members of the book club, score major points while watching a match with the guys. The price point allows you to open a bottle and enjoy life, food and atmosphere without worry- that is until you realize the bottle is empty.